Renovation NP33


Office and Retail


2017 - present


23 800 m2


S+B Gruppe AG


Vincent Marani AIA , Tomáš Jeníček, Ondřej Herlík, Marián Kolbaský, Tullio Polisi, Anna Tyscenko, Lucie Jindrová, Alexandru-Aurelian Gîrtan, Ewa Andruszczyszyn, Hana Vymětalíková


The NK33 building was built in 1932 by the architects Rudolf Hildebrand and Karel Jaray. The building was designed as a bank headquarters and has been used as such until recently. The building is under the highest protection by the Czech Cultural Ministry.

Marani Architects have been retained to renovate the building to the highest standard. The upper floors will be state of the art office spaces, the ground floor and basement will be spacious retail spaces. Marani Architects have achieved the building permit for this renovation in this highly protected national monument.

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