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    24 / 09 / 2018

    Hospodarskych Novin, Rozvoj Prahy

    City development goes hand in hand with the sale of land owned by state controlled companies. Large parcels of land from state controlled companies in Prague have been tendered and sold in Prague over the last 12 years. These areas are Scmikov Nadrazi, Bubny, and Zizkov. These large parcels of land were tendered and sold to the highest bidder. The problem with these tenders is that there were no conditions for the developers on what they should build for the betterment of Czech society. Also vice-versa the developers are gambling on how much and what they will build. These properties were not sold with a comprehensive master plan or binding agreements that would help both parties. This has lead to decades of negotiations between the city and the developers, this has lead to the current housing shortage in Prague, which has resulted in skyrocketing housing prices. The lands in question could have been used to increase the housing stock in Prague, all European cities are growing and Prague is no exception.

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    20 / 04 / 2018

    Hospodarske Noviny, Ego

    Table, bench, library, coffee tables. Simplicity, practicality, beauty. This is the Marani Collection, awarded such as the Furniture of 2018. In the workshops of Lugi, it was made by architect Vincent Marani.

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    27 / 03 / 2018


    The MARANI collection is a generously sized dining table "MARANI" with a massive oak top that acts as a beam. The table was subsequently completed with a bench, a bookcase and a coffee table. American architect Vincent Marani for LUGI has created a comprehensive collection of massive solid oak with steel structures. The table is quite exceptional with its above-standard dimensions, and in particular the thickness of the massive oak top, which is 90 mm. Vincent Marani says: “When architects design furniture they use materials as structure, most notably Mies van der Rohe and La Corbusier. I have used architecturally traditional materials; steel and wood. The steel is used for its utilitarian structural properties. Massive wood is used for its structural properties as well as its texture, it is the element you are in contact with.”

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    01 / 04 / 2017

    Survey: Rent / Buy, ASB #92, page 18 to 19

    The best way for an architect to create the true home for the future is listen inattentively to the client. A home is a breathing living thing that provides the space for a family to be. A successful design is that which allows the family a fluid space that allows the family to thrive, not one that imposes its qualities on the family. A home is for the family; it is not a trophy for the architect.

    01 / 04 / 2017

    The developer’s job is to create communities, ASB #92, page 8 to 11

    American architect Vincent Marani has been living in the Czech Republic for over seventeen years. Architecture, in his opinion, is much more than just an original strong idea. It is important to transfer it to the final project so that it will survive the test. For inspiration, Marani is not afraid to reach our past through children's toys.

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    15 / 03 / 2017

    Chodovskému Parku zpočátku trh nevěřil, Hospodarske Noviny

    When I came to Prague in 2000 nobody understood what an A-class office building was. The Park project in Chodov was probably one of the first A-class office developments in Prague. The US investor - AIG Lincoln Walter Dackiw would only accept a western style office building that companies from Fortune 500 would rent.

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    01 / 02 / 2015

    Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita magazine February 2015, page 34 to 35, Czech Made

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    03 / 10 / 2015

    AIA Continental Europe Design Awards 2015

    The Dolni Brezany villa was honoured with an award from the AIA Continental Europe Design Awards
    Some Jury notes:
    "Very well thought out. It pays homage to many early twentieth century houses in Austria and Czechoslovakia. Outside design works very well. Well organized plan. Sustainable living style is well expressed in the design. Some exquisite detailing. Highly successful blend of contemporary, elegant design solutions. Fluid, open spaces are inviting and warm. Sophisticated clean lines are consequently taken down to small details. Beautiful!"

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    03 / 08 / 2015

    Marani Table

    The top of this dominant table is made of solid oak beams. Its extra dimensions, especially 90 mm top thickness make table Marani to be exceptional.

    A table like this can be adjusted for size. Its just a matter of your choice and of the given interior characterstics. Its difficult to show you these options here, you need to see that in person.

    details –
    materials: solid oak, steel
    height: 760 mm
    width: 1 000 mm
    length: 2 600 mm

    price for this variant: 83 700 CZK

    design: Dipl. arch. Vincent Marani, AIA

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