Invalidovna 2


Mixed Use - Residential, Co-Living and Metro Entrance




34 000 m2




Vincent Marani AIA, Tomas Primus, Javier Navas Fabregat, Alexandru-Aurelian Gîrtan, Anna Tyscenko, Ewa Andruszczyszyn, Hana Vymětalíková, Adam Burger, Zuzana Jurová


The Invalidovna project is a redevelopment of an area around an existing metro station. The neighbourhood consists of social housing built in the 1970s and new office buildings. The project has two buildings a residential building and a co-living building. The ground floor house supporting retail functions for the neighbourhood, grocery store, restaurant, cafe, gallery, pharmacy and medical center. There is underground parking, existing surface parking has been relocated here to allow for a new urban park. There is a new design for the entrance to the metro station. The neighbourhood is named for the 18th century Invalid Military Hospital, the artwork in the project is inspired from this historic building.
Marani Architects won second place in the competition.

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